Friday, July 13
9 am- 5 pm

As part of “The Year of Soil,” Great River Greening is hosting a Soil Tour, with partners, Gustavus Adolphus College and the Nicollet Farm Bureau.
All are welcome to join us as we explore questions like: What is soil health? What do soil conservation practices do?… Read More

Nicollet County’s Seven Mile Creek Park offers hiking, fishing, and picnicking. Seven Mile Creek, flowing through the park to the Minnesota River, is one of very few designated trout streams in south-central Minnesota. The creek is also the main natural drainage system for 24,000 acres of some of the most fertile and productive agricultural land… Read More

Willow Tree Planting along Seven Mile Creek

Saturday, March 24
Join Great River Greening at this community-based restoration project aimed at improving the water quality and plant diversity in Seven Mile Creek County Park. 50 Volunteers are needed to cut and stake willow trees along the creek.… Read More

Photographer Kay Herbst Helms tells the story of Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership through photographs. This is a group of people from diverse backgrounds – farmers, SWCD, EPA, county government, a college professor, watershed residents, county park users and others who who share a common interest in the health of the water in this particular… Read More

A key element in the strategic plan for the 7-Mile Creek Watershed Partnership was to collect, analyze, and share data. At the community conversation last September, several questions about 7-Mile and the state of the watershed arose. In response to those questions and in an effort to utilize the data from the watershed, researchers connected… Read More

One of the six goals in our watershed community’s Strategic Plan was to “Increase communication among key stakeholders in the 7 Mile Creek Watershed.” During the watershed visioning conversation so many people were saying, “we need to do more of THIS,” meaning more of getting people together, more of talking to people who aren’t like… Read More

A little more than three months ago, 65 members of the 7 Mile Creek Watershed community came together for a “Watershed Conversation” to define a vision for the watershed, and to launch a future in which actions to realize that future are generated from, supported by, and energized by our community’s investment in those actions.… Read More

The Mogensen Family grows corn and soybeans on about 2100 acres in Belgrade, Oshawa, and Traverse townships, Nicollet County. Their home farm and several farms that they rent from neighbors border the northern edges of 7 Mile Creek County Park, and a few of 7 Mile Creek’s tributary ravines begin on property that the Mogensens… Read More

After entire seasons of missed visits to Seven Mile Creek Park, users of this popular recreation spot seem happy to know it is open for business again. The park was closed through the spring, summer and good portion of fall while crews worked on raising Highway 169, blocking access to the park’s 10 miles of… Read More

Legislator Field Day

Water quality improvement projects are difficult to get done and may not show the expected benefits to all involved, locals told state legislators on a recent visit. Karen Galles, who works on Seven Mile Creek Watershed projects for Great River Greening and the Nicollet County Soil and Water Conservation District, told a group of state… Read More