Great River Greening has hired Susan Carlin to lead the Seven Mile Creek Program as Manager and Coordinator. She is set to begin work 10 April. Some of you may know Susie who is currently serving on the St. Peter City Council. She has been a resident of St Peter for the past decade and brings an impressive skill set to the job, which I believe will improve our 7MC program and will greatly facilitate our efforts to grow Greening’s presence throughout Southern Minnesota.

Susie will continue to move Karen’s work forward, but more importantly, will build and expand our already impressive program. She is well-connected locally having held positions both in St. Peter and in the Minnesota River Valley. Previously, Susie is currently an elected council member in the City of St. Peter and previously served as Program Director for the Minnesota River Board (MRB), a joint powers board of county governments. As MRB Program Director, she was the primary liaison between county commissioners and watershed professionals, primarily tasked with educating commissioners about land management effects in the river basin and the counties’ opportunities to drive change. Susie worked diligently to refute that notion that conservation efforts were at odds with the interests of the farming community. She also helped established the Upstream-Downstream Friendship Tours, which brought farmers and urban residents to one another’s homes, fields, and businesses for honest discussions about the values of agriculture, environment, and economics.

With a BS in Environmental Science, she also held previous positions in habitat restoration in Washington, as the Executive Director of Tri-State Steelheaders Fisheries Enhancement Group, which worked with landowners to preserve habitat, and was the county Extension Coordinator for Washington State University Extension – Walla Walla, where she coordinated the development and implementation of a volunteer Master Gardener program.

Join me in welcoming Susie into the Greening family!

Steven Huckett, PhD
Conservation Programs Director :: Great River Greening