One of the six goals in our watershed community’s Strategic Plan was to “Increase communication among key stakeholders in the 7 Mile Creek Watershed.” During the watershed visioning conversation so many people were saying, “we need to do more of THIS,” meaning more of getting people together, more of talking to people who aren’t like ourselves, more broadcasting of stories of the  good things that are happening quietly everyday in the watershed.

To that end, we have transitioned the team that planned the visioning conversation into at watershed “Core Team” – these people represent the three categories of peoples’ relationship to the watershed – those who are invested, endorsers, and interested. (See the visioning conversation executive summary for a description of those categories.) The Core Team also represents the six primary goals that the community set during the visioning conversation. (See the full strategic plan for those six goals.)

The Core Team will be interacting with people in their “constituencies” regularly – for most, just part of everyday life – and helping people take action for the watershed and listening for stories of progress. We’ll share those successes among the Core Team quarterly and generate reports for the whole community in the form of an e-newsletter. That e-newsletter will report on progress toward our community’s goals, share concrete action highlights from the previous quarter, and let folks know about opportunities to take action in the future.

Here’s our first quarterly report. We’ll post them here, as well as provide updates on Facebook when they are released. Let us know if you’d like to receive them in your email inbox, or prefer a hard copy. (We promise we won’t use your email address for anything else.) If you’re connected to the watershed, chances are you know some of these folks – get in touch with them! If you don’t know any of these folks, just get in touch, and we’ll get you looped into a group of folks working on/interested in similar things!

Your 7 Mile Creek Core Team is:

The Watershed Coordinator, Great River Greening (currently open position)

Doug Wenner, 7 Mile Creek Farmer

Amy Linnerooth, Nicollet County Water Planner

Linda Pell, Community Member, Oshawa Township

Peters Family Farm (Nick/Chuck Peters), 7 Mile Creek Farmer

Jeremy Geske, MN Ag Water Resource Center

Pat Baskfield, MN Pollution Control Agency

Eric Miller, 7 Mile Creek Watershed Technician, Nicollet SWCD

Dave Newell, Convener

Laura Triplett, Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College

Kay Herbst Helms, Community Member, Mankato